Lark History 6

I have new batteries and tapes for the Canon Z700 that will be used for the interviews and I’ll be using a H1 Zoom for an audio back up. I think the only thing we are waiting for are the release forms and I’m ready to go.

Lark, Utah Oral Interview Project

On Thursday, 1 October, 2015, 9 am – 12 pm. I attended a workshop at the Utah State Division of History. The workshop was an introduction to oral interviews at the Rio Grande Building, Zephyr Conference Room (2nd Floor). It was given by Allan Kent Powell, Jedediah Rogers (Utah State Division of History) and Megan van Frank (Utah Humanities Council). I received a lot of valuable information. I have reformatted my questionnaire again for the third time. I will probably reformat them again since I’ve found that doing the interviews on video is different than audio only. I have started working on my paper so I can stay a little ahead.

Lark, Utah Oral Interviews

I’ve been researching information on the town of Lark so I’m able to ask more informed questions. I’ve met with Dr. Merritt and Dr. Moore several times to get a direction. Dr. Moore and I have developed protocols an question for the oral interviews. There is a woman who went to New York with Harriet Grabner to the Kennecott stockholders meeting that I hope we can interview quickly. Oral interviews and equipment are in the process of being rounded up. I also found a web site by the Oral History Association that has some information on oral history interviewing, equipment, etc.

Lark, Utah Project

Lark, Utah was a town in Salt Lake County that doesn’t exist anymore. Nestled against the Oquirrh Mountains close to Herriman, it was formed in the late 1800s. The mine (and town) were sold in 1977, bought by Kennecott Company and demolished in 1978. The story behind Kennecott Company’s treatment of the people in Lark made national headlines with article’s printed in Time and People magazine in 1978. Very little research was done on the townsite and the people who lived there. This semester I have become involved in a project set in place by Dr. Christopher Merritt, Deputy SHPO/Antiquities Coordinator for the State of Utah. This blog is to record the research advances to document Lark, Utah and the people who lived there using many approaches. We will be conducting oral interviews as a starting point. Much more will be written here as the project advances.